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Early Child Development

Research suggests there are many benefits for providing young children with responsive, stimulating, and encouraging environments. These types of environments promote the intellectual, social-emotional, physical, and cultural development of the child. Keep in mind these important things to know about our learning children –

  • Early relationships are important to healthy child development.
  • Children’s emotional development impacts learning.
  • Children are social.
  • Children learn by doing and listening.
  • A family is a child’s first teacher and a child’s home is the first classroom.
  • Every child grows at his/her own pace.

HOT Topics for Families
          Have you ever wondered about these questions?


These text messages are for teachers of children from birth through age 8 that focus on the critical areas of:

  • Child development
  • Family involvement
  • Social and emotional development
  • Health, safety, and nutrition
  • Curriculum and activities

Texts4Teachers is designed to share research-based information and resources offered through UNL Extension that can support your work. When you subscribe, you will receive weekly short informational tips and links to existing resources where you can learn more. Normal text message rates apply. 

Clover Kid Activities

It is important for children to have strong, supportive interaction with the adults in their lives. Use these activities to spend quality time with your children.

Children and Divorce

Children often feel the pain of divorce more than parents and adults realize. Resources to help children as well adults to cope with life changes are available.

Co-Parenting for Successful Kids  is an educational program for families in the process of divorce, or who are interested in custody modification or paternity proceedings. The class will help parents understand the impact on their children and provide concrete steps parents can take to help their children succeed through the process.

The Pyramid Model: Promoting Social and Emotional Competence 

Want the children in your care to get along with others, feel secure, and be confident, engaged learners?  The Pyramid Model training program teaches skills to care providers so they can enhance the social emotional development of young children. When caregivers support social emotional wellness in the context of family, community and culture, children can be successful in school and in life.

Child Care and Youth Training and Technical Assistance Project (CYTTAP)

Military families and children have unique situations. This 13 state project trains early childhood professionals who care for children from off-installation military families.

Wiring Infants and Toddlers for Success

The latest brain development research and innovative strategies support the optimal growth and development of young children. Play activities enhance this growth and development in young children. 
It's play time! Play is important.
So important, in fact, that we as adults caring for young children need to provide plenty of daily opportunity for children to play. Why is play so important? Play is how a young child learns about themselves and the world around them. It is crucial for development – physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. Fun play activities involve exploring, curiosity, and discovery. This list and the activity calendar provide many good ideas to incorporate play into the care of young children. Fun to Play, Ready to Learn activity guide.

Just In Time Parenting

A web-based outreach that brings high quality, research-based information to families, this online resource provides tips that can help families thrive and support their children as they grow up healthy and ready for success.


Each year over 2000 Nebraskans – many children - are appointed a guardian or conservator. A guardian appointment comes with roles and responsibilities. Resources are available on these roles and responsibilities with this series of classes.

National Resources

Parenting Resources from
Practical parenting information from the nation's largest and oldest network of univiersities.

Just in Time Parenting
Useful tips, e-newsletter, podcasts, videos and more to help parents in the most important job they will ever have.

Children, Youth and Families Education and Research Network
Whether it is early childhood, school age, teens or parents and families, this site offers practical, research based information.

ZERO TO THREE - National Institute for Infants, Toddlers, and Families
Parents, child care professional, and anyone interested in the lives of infants and toddlers will find this site useful.

National Association for the Education of Young Children
Information for those working with and for children from birth through age 8.

Better Kid Care –
Provides professional development opportunities and educational information on caring for children.

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL)
Promotes social emotional development and school readiness of young children birth to age 5. User-friendly materials, videos, and print resources for caregivers, families, teachers

I am Moving, I am Learning (IMIL)
An interactive workshop focusing on increasing physical activity and promoting healthy nutrition choices in children birth to 5 for childcare providers, center directors, etc.

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U R Parent app image of baby's feetParenting App Designed for First Year of Child's Life

U R Parent is a new app designed for parents during the first year of their child's life. Free app is available for download in the Apple iTunes store.


Text 4 Teachers


Getting Connected, Staying Connected
Getting Connected, Staying Connected

Couples and families have it in their power to be happy with each other and create a pleasant and peaceful home environment in which they live together.  This book was written to help couples accentuate the positive – to show clearly and simply how happy couple and family relationships are created and maintained over time.

Parent Savvy

Age relevant information about your child.  This website gives timely information on your child and you can Ask An Expert on any childhood topic.

Answers 4 Families
When there is someone in your family with special needs, you may find yourself looking for answers. is Nebraska's support and information connection for families and professionals seeking assistance.

Nebraska Early Childhood Grandparent Network
Nebraska Grandparents hold a wealth of experience and wisdom. Grandparents have a great deal to offer to their grandchildren, their future and the future of our beloved Nebraska. The Nebraska Early Childhood Grandparents Network seeks to harness and funnel those skills into impact for our grandchildren. The Network is a loosely knit group of concerned statewide Nebraska grandparents who are concerned for the economic, educational, employment and population future of a State we love very much.




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