Children & Divorce

Divorce, Children & Stepfamilies

Parents divorce each other not the children, but children often feel the pain more than parents realize.

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Divorce is a time of stress, confusion, and sadness for kids of any age. Their daily lives have changed and they experience the uncertainty of what life will be like. This is certainly a scary time for children. Parents, however, can make the process less painful and help their children learn to cope successfully.


Divorce Effects

Co-Parenting for Successful Kids Class

Co-Parenting for Successful Kids is an educational program for families in the process of divorce, or who are interested in custody modification or paternity proceedings. The class will help parents understand the impact on their children and provide concrete steps parents can take to help their children succeed through the process.

Co-Parenting for Successful Kids is available throughout Nebraska to help meet the needs of divorcing families and children and meet the requirements of the New Parent Act as amended by LB 554 in 2007.

2017 On-site Classes listed by Date

2017 Statewide Brochure for On-Site and Online Classes

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Co-Parenting for Successful Kids On-line (Credit Card Payment) & On-site (if paying with Credit Card) -  Register Here

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  • Divorce is a grief experience surpassed only by the death of a parent.
  • Teachers, child care professionals, family members and both parents can help children cope with their emotions during this difficult time.

Some families going through divorce experience turmoil and high conflict.

  • Ways to avoid common distresses of divorce on children, including transitions and shared parenting time
  • Tactics to make interactions more calm
  • More helpful tips about children and divorce


Divorce Through the Eyes of Adolecents G2210

Successful Transitions for High Conflict Families G1817

Supporting Children of Divorce:  Guidelines for Caregivers G1791

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Parenting Plans for Separating or Divorcing Parents G1983

How Divorce Affects Children:  Developmental Stages G2209

More information on parenting issues is available on our Parents pages.



Children of divorce can find themselves part of a new family makeup. Stepfamilies face many challenges as parents, children and extended family members learn how to be part of a new family.

Supporting Stepfamilies workbookSupporting Stepfamilies: Workbook with lessons and activities for parents and children to help make transitions easier.
 (*pdf, 64 pages; 2.5 MB)

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