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The Early Childhood team with Nebraska Extension provides automatically accepted in-service hours online and onsite. We offer affordable programs and training. Resources are research-based, and often the information presented is based on research from faculty right here in Nebraska. We’re here to help you take what you’ve learned from training and research and put it into practice.

The Early Childhood team with Nebraska Extension supports adults who play a role in young children’s lives by providing information and resources about early child development.

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How can I earn approved in-services online?

Nebraska Extension offers online professional development lessons covering a range of early childhood education topics. Each topic area will provide research-based information and strategies on how you can support the early growth and development of young children. We offer on-demand professional development in-service hours and webinars.

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How does the University of Nebraska–Lincoln support early childhood?

Nebraska Extension has the unique infrastructure to be an important, accessible, and viable resource to multiple stakeholders across the state. Our Extension faculty and educators are committed to increasing the quality of and availability to early learning experiences that support the holistic development of young children (birth to age 8). Learn more about our team’s ongoing research, statewide training, and national in-service opportunities.

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What other training do you offer?

Nebraska Extension offers a breadth of resources for early childhood educators, center directors, and providers. We have a highly skilled team ready to assist and work with you to identify what type of training or support will meet your needs.

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There are multiple pathways to earning your Child Development Associate (CDA©) and opportunities to apply for funds to assist with the costs of achieving a Child Development Associate (CDA©) credential in Nebraska.

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As the leader in the credentialing of early childhood educators worldwide the Council for Professional Recognition is committed to strengthening the early childhood education field. Nebraska Extension is proud to partner with the Council to support candidates through their CDA© verification visit. If you, or a candidate in your organization needs a Specialist (all ages, bilingual, home visitor) we can help!

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Nebraska Extension collaborates with Extension Early Childhood faculty to conduct research and create training using their research into practice. To learn more, visit their websites.