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The Learning Child provides automatically accepted in-service hours online and onsite. We offer affordable programs and training. Resources are research-based. Information in each program is based on research from faculty right here in Nebraska. We’re here to help you take what you’ve learned from training and research and put it into practice!

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The Learning Child team with Nebraska Extension supports adults who play a role in young children’s lives by providing information and resources about early child development.

Do you have online classes or state-mandated licensing training?

YES! email us to learn more 
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How can I earn approved in-services online?

Nebraska Extension offers online professional development lessons covering a range of early childhood education topics. Each topic area will provide research-based information and strategies on how you can support the early growth and development of young children.

We offer professional development, in-service hours, training workshops, and webinars. 

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I’m interested in earning a credential. Can I take all of my hours at once? 

We offer in-depth early childhood professional development on mindfulness, family-style dining, and partner to offer Child Development Associate (CDA) coursework.

Each lesson varies, options to complete online, and enjoy support from local Extension Educators each step of the way.

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What other training do you offer? 

Have a bug that you found on the playground and need it identified? Not sure what to do about the weeds that keep growing on the playground? Wondering if you are up to date on the latest food safety standards? Interested in starting a 4-H club to keep your afterschool kids busy?

Nebraska Extension offers a breadth of resources for early childhood educators, center directors, and providers. We have a highly skilled team ready to assist and work with you to identify what type of training or support will meet your needs

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Did you know our Learning Child Team has Extension Specialists conducting national research studies right here in Nebraska? Learn more about how they are translating research into practice!