Early Childhood Development: The Learning Child

The Learning Child


I am interested in resources on how to support children, families, and childcare professionals cope in the event of a major change, emergency events, disasters.


A Beautiful Day is a virtual early childhood space designed to connect with children and families experiencing social distancing.


I am interested in connecting with an Extension Educator to learn more about online resources or inservice hours in my area


I am interested in supporting children’s coping with storybooks
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The Learning Child team with Nebraska Extension supports adults who play a role in young children’s lives providing information and resources about early child development. Adults play a significant role in setting the stage for young children's lifelong learning, discovery, and success. The Learning Child team is committed to working with you to support the development of young children in your care.

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Extension is an automatically approved entity by the Nebraska Department of Education of Early Childhood. Training provided by members of The Learning Child team online or onsite are automatically accepted trainings toward your annual licensing renewal training hours without a Nebraska Early Childhood Professional Record System training approval code.

For more guidance, please read:
Nebraska Department of Education Office of Early Childhood Automatically Accepted ECE Training