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Read for Resilience

Supporting Young Children’s Coping with Storybooks

Caregivers play an important role in young children’s emotional development in addition to helping them cope. Using children’s literature in an interactive way, caregivers can help children heal. Using an engaging format, Read for Resilience may help children better understand their experiences and improve their coping skills.

The Learning Child (TLC) team has identified books to support children’s coping and understanding of their feelings after experiencing a major stressor, disaster, loss, and/or grief.

Free storybook reading guides accompany the books. The guides provide adults with suggested activities and probing questions to help children personally connect with the experiences of the characters in the books.

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What is Coronavirus?
What is Coronavirus?

Christine Borst

This free book provides suggestions for things children can do while they are practicing physical distancing.

The book is also available in French & Spanish at

Owl babies
Owl Babies

Martin Waddell

A tender tale to reassure and comfort the youngest of children who feel worried and afraid when apart from Mommy.

Once I was very very scared
Once I was Very Very Scared

Chandra Ghosh Ippen

This story was written to help children and grown-ups (parents, teachers, and other important adults) understand how stress can affect children and ways to help them.

A terrible thing happened
A Terrible Thing Happened

Margaret M. Holmes

This story explains the types of emotions children face after a traumatic event and the ways they can find help.

Becoming a superhero
Becoming a Super Hero: A Book for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

Miri Bar-Halpern

This unique book provides a sensitive explanation for children about how they can understand and overcome the hurt that anyone can feel when terrible events happen.

The way I feel
The Way I Feel

Janan Cain

This book uses strong, colorful, and expressive images and simple verses to help children connect emotions and their meanings.

Wemberly Worried
Wemberly Worried

Keven Henkes

This story addresses worrying and anxiety in a positive and child-friendly manner.

Bubble trouble
Bubble Trouble: Using Mindfulness to Help Kids with Grief

Heather Krantz

This book uses clear language and colorful illustrations to help children learn about the feelings of loss and grief. Children also learn helpful ways to manage these difficult feelings.


Leo Lionni

In this beloved, award-winning tale of a brave little fish, Swimmy and his friends learn that they can overcome any problem with teamwork.

'I Have a Little Problem,' said the Bear
"I Have a Little Problem," said the Bear

Jheinz Janisch

Everyone knows how it feels not to be listened to—especially children. Young readers will understand the bear’s frustration completely.

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