The Pyramid Model: Promoting Social Emotional Competence

Resources for Early Childhood Professionals

The Pyramid Model graphicThe following training courses utilize The Pyramid Model, research-based strategies and resources from the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (CSEFEL), focusing on the social-emotional development and school readiness of young children. Trainings can be offered as part of child-care conferences, parent education training, a half-day or full-day training focused on Social-Emotional Development. Trainings with an asterisk have an additional training option for parents.

Training Courses

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Online Lessons 2 Hours Each Based on The Pyramid Model

  • Building Positive Relationships
    This interactive training will invite you to consider ways to build positive, nurturing, responsive and dependable relationships with the young children in your care. 2 hours
  • Enhancing Emotional Literacy
    It's time to explore the true value of emotional literacy in supporting young children's emotional development! This training will increase your awareness of the kinds of interactions between adults and young children that support enhancing children's emotional competence. 
  • Friendship & Play Skills
    Did you know that when children are successful at making friends, they have opportunities to learn and practice many social skills such as cooperation, sharing, turn-taking, problem-solving, and conflict resolution? This training explores how you could help set the stage for the development of children's friendship and play skills. 2 hours
  • Responsive Environments & Routines
    Have you taken a close look at the environments and routines you've created for young children? This engaging training will provide specific strategies and resources on how to design a responsive environment that promotes children's social and emotional growth. 2 hours
  • Making it Happen! Building Positive Relationships with Children*
    Did you know that intentionally working towards building positive relationships with children greatly influences their social, cognitive, and emotional development? This interactive lesson will invite caregivers and parents to consider ways to build positive, nurturing, responsive and dependable relationships with the infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in their care. 2 hours
  • Positive Solutions for Families: Making the Connection
    It is important for every child to have someone who is crazy about him/her! Preparing children for new beginnings can be a monumental task. "Making the Connection" will allow you to build those relationships and promote quality time. You will empower your children through positive comments and encouragement. 1-2 hours
  • Positive Solutions for Families: Making it Happen!
    Children will learn friendship skills through play. We can help children feel more competent and confident by teaching interaction skills. When they apply these types of skills, they are less likely to use challenging behavior!
  • Positive Solutions for Families: Why Do Children Do What They Do?
    Sometimes when children do not have an appropriate way to communicate a message, they often resort to using challenging behaviors. Simply put, it works for them which results in the child obtaining something or avoiding/escaping something or someone. Come learn about possible reasons why children do what they do and how as adults we can be more responsive to children's needs!
  • Positive Solutions for Families: Teach Me What To Do!
    In order for children to become effective at controlling their emotions, they need words to describe their own and other's emotions. You can also help them understand that their feelings can change. You can also help them understand that they can have more than one feeling about something. And all feelings are valid. It's what we do with them that count!

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