Daycare provider putting a bandaid on a child

Health & Safety

The program promotes the nutrition and health of children and protects children and staff from illness and injuries. Children must be healthy and safe in order to learn and grow. Programs must be healthy and safe to support children’s healthy development.

Health & Nutrition looks like:

  • Program prepares written menus following USDA guidelines and posts them where families can see them.
  • Food is prepared and stored safely.
  • Encourages children’s use of good oral habits. (i.e., using a washcloth to wipe infant’s gums and using a toothbrush for older children.)
  • Children have multiple daily opportunities for physical activity both inside and outside.
  • Staff help children carry out personal care routines (i.e., handwashing, toilet learning).
  • Staff are excellent models of health practices.

Safety & Security looks like:

  • Secure entrance.
  • Staff working alone with children are certified in first aid and CPR.
  • The Program maintains the teacher/child ratio recommended by the NAEYC.
  • The program is licensed by state or local government (unless exempt).
  • The environment is safe for children (see Learning Environment).
  • Program has and practices an Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Take these questions with you to ask child cares to learn more on the topic of Health & Safety

  • What meals and snacks are served and are they prepared on site or catered in?
  • Are emergency numbers posted?
  • Do you have a space for mothers to breastfeed?
  • How often does the program need a health report from our doctor?

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