Daycare administrator meeting with a parent and child

Policies & Administration

Programs develop policies and procedures including family handbooks to maintain consistency within their program.

  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines.
  • Promoting fiscal soundness within the program.
  • Effective communication between childcare and families.
  • Articulate the program’s expectations and goals.
  • Commitment to staff’s professional development and improvement.

Family handbooks are especially important so parents understand what programs offer for their children and families.

  • Be aware of the childcare center’s mission statement and philosophy statement.
  • Sickness and Health Policy.
  • Positive Discipline Policy.
  • Severe Weather Policy
  • Parent/Family Advisory Board.
  • Holiday and other closures.
  • Daily Procedures (hours of operation, meal times, toilet training, parent/teacher conferences, etc.)

**Make sure you receive the childcare’s policy handbook and review, so you are aware of the program’s guidelines and procedures.

Take these questions with you to ask child cares to learn more on the topic of Policies & Administration

  • Did you receive a copy of the family handbook to look at before you enrolled your child?
  • How are parents engaged in program events?
  • How can I express concerns regarding my child's care or education?
  • What is the center's sickness and health policy?
  • What is the severe weather policy?
  • Do you have an emergency preparedness plan?
  • What happens if I am late to pick up my child?
  • Is there always an administrator on site, or designated lead?

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