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Since 1999, the Nebraska Extension co-parenting class has supported over 18,000 parents and counting. In turn, these parents have cared for over 42,000 children in every county in Nebraska through our parenting education course.

Co-parenting for Successful Kids curriculum was initially developed by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. A Nebraska Extension Educator recognized a lack of parenting education in their county that was specific to parents in the process of divorce, custody modification, or separation. This program began at the county level, spread through the state, and is now implemented nationally in partnership with other cooperative Extension universities.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a partner and offer Co-parenting for Successful Kids in your state, please contact Linda Reddish at linda.reddish@unl.edu.

Linda Reddish Portrait

Linda Reddish

Co-Parenting for Successful Kids Coordinator

Linda is responsible for the overall leadership and implementation of the co-parenting program at the state and national level. Linda is available to answer any questions regarding Co-parenting for Successful kids or to interest delivering Co-parenting for Successful Kids in your state.

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Kim Wellsandt Portrait

Kim Wellsandt

Co-parenting for Successful Kids Office and Marketing Associate

Kim is responsible for the day to day operations of the co-parenting program at the state and national level. Kim is available to respond to customer questions, emails, and issues with the course.

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Jeong-Kyun (Evan) Choi Portrait

Jeong-Kyun (Evan) Choi

Associate Professor and Early Childhood Extension Specialist

Dr. Choi is responsible for the overall evaluation of the program. Dr. Choi is available to answer any questions or interest regarding the program’s research studies.

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The Learning Child Team

Co-parenting for Successful Kids is supported by multiple Extension Educators across Nebraska. To learn more regarding The Learning Child team and the different parent education classes, child care training, and online professional development opportunities offered please visit https://child.unl.edu/



Co-parenting for Successful Kids is committed to helping parents help their children. We found changes in participants' knowledge of cooperative co-parenting concepts from before the program after the program.


Multi-State Approach

Through our collaboration across 3 states, nearly 26,000 parents and their children have benefitted from the co-parenting program. Additional states mandate co-parenting education for divorced and separated couples; the value of Extension is its ability to meet the unique needs of its participating state. Learn more about how Oklahoma and Indiana are meeting their states co-parenting education below. This collaboration was nationally recognized in 2018 as a 1st place winner for Excellence in Multistate State Collaboration by the National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences.