The Nebraska 4-H STEM Reading Connections Program

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Through Stories

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 Nebraska STEM Imagination Reading Program

We are here to help you develop children and youth’s love for STEM through imagination guides.

This program provides all caregivers (early childhood professionals and parents) with books, guided questions, and expanded learning resources to support literacy development, enhance relationships, and to make a connection with your local library.

Each year the theme changes, but the imagination guides always include the following:

  • Conversation Starters
  • Creative Arts
  • Infant & Toddlers
  • Nature
  • STEM Connection
  • Story Extensions
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2023 Summer Reading Program  All Together Now

Build relationship skills needed each and every day with each and every interaction.

In our world today, emotional intelligence is vital to building relationships in both early childhood and adulthood. This year's STEM Imagination Guides focus on topics such as friendship, unity, and diversity to help children begin to build the skills needed each and every day with each and every interaction. The reading guides align with Nebraska’s Nebraska's Early Learning Guideline domains.

Download All Imagination Guides

My Mouth is a Volcano Book Cover

My Mouth is a Volcano


STEM Connection: Echolocation

Download this Guide

Can Cat and Bird Be Friends? Book Cover

Can Cat and Bird Be Friends?


STEM Connection: Scent Jars

Download this Guide

Thank You, Omu! Book Cover

Thank You, Omu!


STEM Connection: Magnets

Download this Guide

Sorry (Really Sorry) Book Cover

Sorry (Really Sorry)


STEM Connection: Chain Reactions

Download this Guide

The Monster Parade Book Cover

The Monster Parade


STEM Connection: Discovering Reactions with Emotions

Download this Guide

Sweet People Are Everywhere Book Cover

Sweet People Are Everywhere


STEM Connection: Egg Science

Download this Guide

I Am a Kindness Hero Book Cover

I Am a Kindness Hero


STEM Connection: Color Mixing

Download this Guide

Each Living Thing Book Cover

Each Living Thing


STEM Connection: Bug Hotel

Download this Guide

The activities engage the children. The connection between the activities and the book content is easy to grasp. These guides encourage play and the children are eager to participate.

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Archived STEM Imagination Guides

2023 Library Commission Theme: All Together Now 

Looking for engagement for school-aged children in your care? This program is available to youth development and early childhood professionals, afterschool clubs, summer school and camps, libraries, and parents. Resources provide engaging learning opportunities to spark an interest in STEM concepts and 4-H.

Download 2023 4-H Resources

4-H 2023 Reading Connection Resources

  1. Head: Heading Into This Together
  2. Heart: I Am Enough
  3. Hands: Gumball Machine/Marshmallow Catapult
  4. Health: An Apple a Day

Archived 4-H Summer Reading Connection Resources

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Jackie Steffen
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Sarah Roberts
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