The Nebraska 4-H STEM Reading Connections Program

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics
Through Stories

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The Nebraska 4-H STEM Reading Connections Program

We are here to help you develop children and youth’s love for STEM through storybook guides!

This program provides all caregivers (early childhood professionals and parents) with books, guided questions, and expanded learning resources to support literacy development, enhance relationships, and to make a connection with your local library. Each year the theme changes, but, the story guides always include the following:

  • Conversation Starters
  • STEM Connections
  • Related Readings
  • Activity Ideas
  • Story Extensions
  • Benefits of Reading Aloud
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2020 Summer Reading Program  Imagine Your Story

Join us this summer exploring fairy tales.

Fairy tales provide an excellent springboard that encourages children to generate ideas and problem solve. The following books have been selected and paired with activities that can be adapted based children’s ages.

Aladdin Book Cover


STEM Challenge: Create your own magic carpet using the power of magnets.

Download this STEM Storybook Guide

Cinderella Book Cover


STEM Challenge: Help Cinderella make it to the ball by creating a wind-powered coach.

Download this STEM Storybook Guide

Goldilocks Book Cover


STEM Challenge: Decide which materials are “just right” for you in this sensory experiment.

Download this STEM Storybook Guide

Little Mermaid Book Cover

Little Mermaid

STEM Challenge: Examine the difference between salt and fresh water and why some items float and some sink.

Download this STEM Storybook Guide

Three Billy Goats Gruff Book Cover

Three Billy Goats Gruff

STEM Challenge: Help the Three Billy Goats Gruff build a raft to float by the grumpy old troll.

Download this STEM Storybook Guide

Three Little Pigs Book Cover

Three Little Pigs

STEM Challenge: Discover how weight affects how far and object will travel by huffing and puffing.

Download this STEM Storybook Guide

Thumbelina Book Cover


STEM Challenge: Incorporate art with science by painting with the green pigments from plant leaves.

Download this STEM Storybook Guide

The Ugly Duckling Book Cover

Ugly Duckling

STEM Challenge: How quickly can your rubber duck make it to the finish line?

Download this STEM Storybook Guide

4-H STEM Reading Connections Summer Presentations

This program is available to youth development and early childhood professionals, afterschool clubs, summer school and camps, libraries, and parents. Program staff will provide engaging learning opportunities to spark an interest in STEM concepts and skills.

We will adhere to a high-quality lesson plan that includes:

  • Introduction
  • Learning objectives
  • Opening questions
  • Activities
  • Physical fitness ideas
  • Material list
  • Book suggestions

Lesson plans are also adjusted to have early childhood components.

Watch Reading Connection Summer Presentation Videos

No endorsement of products or services by 4-H is intended or implied.

Want to request this program? Please contact us.

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