The Nebraska 4-H STEM Reading Connections Program

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics
Through Stories

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The Nebraska 4-H STEM Reading Connections Program

We are here to help you develop children and youth’s love for STEM through imagination guides.

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This program provides all caregivers (early childhood professionals and parents) with books, guided questions, and expanded learning resources to support literacy development, enhance relationships, and to make a connection with your local library. Each year the theme changes, but the imagination guides always include the following:

  • Conversation Starters
  • Conversation Starters Complimentary Family Fun Guide 
  • STEM Connections
  • Story Extensions
  • Creative Arts
  • Infant & Toddlers
  • Nature
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2022 Early Childhood STEM Imagination Guides

Oceans of Possibilities 

Children are naturally curious about nature and science. Discover how you can foster an appreciation of the oceans and water conservation.

The following books have been selected and paired with activities that provide opportunities for exploration and play to inspire creativity and wonder.

Cactus Hotel Book Cover

A House for Hermit Crab  

Hermit Crabs

STEM Challenge: How do hermit crabs breathe?

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Big Red Barn Book Cover

Hey, Water!

Water Cycle

STEM Challenge: Can a water cycle be created?

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Owl Babies Book Cover

My Ocean is Blue

Water Cycle

STEM Challenge: How to construct layers of the ocean?

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Not Norman Book Cover

Pokey, the Turtle Patrol

Sea Turtles 

STEM Challenge: How do turtles design safe and sturdy spaces?

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Hello Ocean Book Cover

The Rainbow Fish 


STEM Challenge: Why are fish fast?

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I Don’t Want To Be a Frog Book Cover

Rocket Says Clean Up

Ocean Pollution

STEM Challenge: How can pollution be reduced?

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The Great Kapok Tree Book Cover

The Treasure of Pirate Frank 

Ocean Adventures

STEM Challenge: How does a pirate learn science?

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Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? Book Cover

The Sandcastle that Lola Built  


STEM Challenge: How are sandcastles built?

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The activities engage the children. The connection between the activities and the book content is easy to grasp. These guides encourage play and the children are eager to participate.

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Archived STEM Imagination Guides

2022 Library Commission Theme: Oceans of Possibilities 

Looking for engagement for school-aged children in your care? This program is available to youth development and early childhood professionals, afterschool clubs, summer school and camps, libraries, and parents. Resources provide engaging learning opportunities to spark an interest in STEM concepts and 4-H.

4-H 2022 Reading Connection Resources

  1. Head: Dolphin Tale Design   
  2. Heart: Treasurer Your Heart   
  3. Hands: Our Blue Planet   
  4. Health: Salt, it is not just for Taste 

2022 Oceans of Possibilities 4-H Resources

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