Parenting Children, Parenting Styles and Fatherhood

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Becoming a parent is a great responsibility! Unfortunately, children do not come with an instruction book, but the good news is that there are effective methods parents can use to raise successful kids.

8 Steps to Positively Discipline

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Periodically it is good for a parent to step back and ask yourself some questions.

  • What style of parent am I? Do you tend to err on the side of fighting and yelling? Are you always giving in because it is easier to let children have their way? Or is your parenting style respectful and positive? Being respectful and positive helps children become more responsible, honest, and better decision makers.
  • Am I managing anger? What makes you feel angry: Busy schedules? Financial worries? Work? Unruly children? Difficult relationships? It is important to recognize what triggers anger and remember that we usually take out our anger on those we love the most.

Dad greeting child with open armsFatherhood - A Word About Fathers

Dads, especially those who grew up without a father present in the home, may feel inadequate about what it means to be a great dad.

Great dads show affection and appreciation, are involved, and take time for their children and family. Being a great dad is a skill that can be learned.

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Quick tips to help guide children successfully

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