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Building a Strong Relationship

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Couples can keep new as well as long standing relationships strong and vibrant. They can when they intentionally work on building a strong relationship. When they do this, it also helps to build a strong family. There are several things that can be done to strengthen and grow a relationship.

Couples can keep their relationship healthy and strengthen the bond between them. Trust and responsibility are the basis of this maintenance guide for couples: Strengthening the Couple Relationship.

Family Treasures book coverFamily Treasures, Designed to help families of all kinds assess their strengths as a family and build upon their asssets. This book includes family activities and was written by John DeFrain, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Somehow, nearly everything in a couple relationship comes down to communication. When there is conflict, it is usually because each person sees the situation differently and has not communicated those feelings to the other.

Listening is key to good communication, as well as learning and practicing communication skills.

Several areas can be sources of conflict if not communicated clearly: Asserting "yes" or "no", Parenting and guidance issues, Time management.

One of the characteristics of strong families is positive communication. These short articles look at communication in many different ways:

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