Family Finance

Whether you are planning to buy a car, reduce your debt, cut expenses, teach your kids about money, or plan for your future, we can help. We all want financial security throughout our lives. Use the information on this site to make your money do the most it can for you.

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Taking more control of spending and where money goes can result in surprising accomplishments toward financial security. No one can have everything, but good management of what we do have can help get the things we want most. Keeping track of your expenses and income over time will help guide you along the way.

Stretching Family Dollars

Looking for that shiny new car or considering ways to make the one you have last longer? Discover ways to stretch your hard-earned dollars and reduce spending in areas such as food, energy, insurance and more.

Financial Records & Banking

man and woman at a laptopFinancial records have become a vital part of life. They can help you save money on taxes, get credit, and are proof of progress toward your financial security. If you have an easy plan for keeping track of important papers you can save hours of anxious searching, help preserve peace and harmony, and make it easier to cope with emergency situations.

Credit and Debt

Credit can be a successful financial management tool. Using credit lets you buy items when you need them. Wise consumers keep credit use at safe and manageable levels.

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Research has shown children learn the most about money from their parents. They watch parents spend or save money every day. They hear their parents talk about money. Children also learn about money by using it themselves. Read about stratagies and tools to guide children in learning about spending, saving and sharing money.

Planning for the Future

Research indicates that, at every income level, people who are planners are more successful financially and feel better about their financial situation than those who do not plan ahead. Planning for the future includes looking ahead towards retirement, evaluating insurance needs, and investing.

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