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  • UR Parent App
  • UR Parent App

User-friendly Parenting App Designed for First Five Years of a Child's Life

U R Parent is a new app designed for parents with children newborn thru the age of five.

It is a user-friendly innovation designed for iphones or ipads to make high quality, research-based information available to families 24/7. The vision is to reach all parents with key information that can help their family unit thrive, and support their children as they grow. University of Nebraska Extension Educators partnered with "Just in Time Parenting" (part of E-extension) to derive much of the research-based information for the app.

Unique features include month by month information, the ability to customize the app to your child and replacing pictures with your own child's in the app's time-line. There is also a baby book to record the baby's 1st along with keeping their immunizations dates in a handy place on your phone device or ipad. You can access the app in the Apple iTunes app store.




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University of Nebraska Extension Educators involved in the development of this app are: Angela Abts, Gail Brand, Tonia Durden, Jeanette Friesen, Lisa Poppe and LaDonna Werth.