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Co-Parenting Class

Co-Parenting for Successful Kids is an educational program for individuals in the process of divorce, custody modification or separation. The class is for anyone who is required to complete a mandatory parenting course. The course provides concrete steps for parents to use to help their children succeed through the process.

Co-Parenting Class
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Guardianship Training Class

This class provides detailed information for those serving as guardian or conservator. Most classes are co-taught by a volunteer attorney through the Nebraska State Bar Association who answers general legal questions.

Guardianship Training Class


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Using children’s literature in an interactive way, caregivers can help children heal. Using an engaging format, Read for Resilience may help children better understand their experiences and improve their coping skills.

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Nebraska Extension offers a breadth of resources for early childhood educators, center directors, and providers. We have a highly skilled team ready to assist and work with you to identify what type of training or support will meet your needs.

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The Clover Kids program can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for both you and your club members. As a partner in the Nebraska Clover Kids program, you are helping in the positive development of youth so they become competent, caring and contributing citizens, intent on “Making the Best Better.”

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From mealtime to playtime, to storytime, children have many opportunities each day to learn and practice healthy habits. Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (Go NAP SACC) is a trusted process that helps child care centers and homes go the extra mile to support children’s healthy eating and physical activity.

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The Early Childhood outreach programs provide a variety of resources and mobile friendly articles for Early Childhood Professionals and Families.

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U R Parent is an app designed for parents with children newborn through the age of five. It is a user-friendly innovation designed for iPhones or iPads to make high quality, research-based information available to families 24/7. The vision is to reach all parents with key information that can help their family unit thrive, and support their children as they grow.