What other training do you offer? Check out our programs for nutrition, staff development, and School-Age youth.

Have a bug that you found on the playground and need it identified? Not sure what to do about the weeds that keep growing on the playground? Wondering if you are up to date on the latest food safety standards? Interested in starting a 4-H club to keep your afterschool kids busy?

Nebraska Extension offers a breadth of resources for early childhood educators, center directors, and provider. We have a highly skilled team ready to assist and work with you to identify what type of training or support will meet your needs.

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Since 2004, Nebraska Extension has offered poverty simulations as a community outreach program for current and prospective human services professionals (e.g., teachers, childcare providers, healthcare providers, health visitors, dietitians, college students, and community volunteers). The Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) is an experiential and interactive community education program designed to sensitize community participants to the realities of poverty, promote a greater understanding of poverty, and bridge the gap from misconception to understanding (Missouri Community Action Network, 2018). During the simulation, volunteers role-play community agency workers that low-income families utilize in their daily life.


High-quality early childhood programs can have a lifelong, positive impact on young children and their families. Step Up to Quality helps early child care providers and educators recognize and improve quality.


ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that enables young children (ages 5-7) to create their own interactive stories and games. Families, teachers, and childcare providers can learn how to use ScratchJr with children ages 5 to 7 to develop digital stories and facilitate critical thinking skills. The goal of SractchJr is to encourage children in becoming creators of digital content by promoting higher order thinking through exploration, experimentation, and expression.


Childhood health is an important issue in Nebraska. The Go NAP SACC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care) works to improve the health of Nebraska's children by training childcare providers to improve the best practices related to nutrition, physical activity, and infant feeding/breastfeeding. Extension Go NAP SACC trainers work one-on-one with childcare directors/owners to provide training and technical assistance to improve the number of best practices that child care centers and homes are achieving.


Nebraska Extension offers several programs for youth that are school-aged and for after-school programs serving youth. Professional development and activities offered are intended to enrich staff and students’ knowledge while offering hands-on experiences. School enrichment programs can be offered during the school day or tailored to fit your specific time-frame.

Nebraska Extension also provides 4-H curriculums statewide. 4-H is a unique educational program that empowers youth to reach their full potential while working and learning in partnership with caring adults. 4-H afterschool programs meet from 3:00PM to 6:00PM. There are multiple ways to participate in 4-H afterschool programs to offer youth a safe, fun, and educational experience.